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Transport activity is to distribute packed goods in Full Truck Loads
by road solutions. We are operate world wide. With some 450.000 shipments a year, Transport is one of the biggest forwarders in Europe and abroad and is particularly active in transport & logistics services. To satisfy customer-specific wishes, we supplements its own ultra-modern fleet and network with an extensive network of subcontractors and partners who work under the responsibility and control of our company. They are monitored by the forward management system developed by in house, fixed charter procedures and monthly KPI reports.

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Safety of your cargo is our primary goal. With modern fleet and fist class staff we offer a complete solution from storage to delivery. We are the leading Company in more then 10 countries.


Cargo consists of the transport of packed goods. Its operations comprises mainly of FTLs (Full Truck Loads), part loads and intermodal transport. The markets Transport service include the automotive, consumer electronics, retail and construction industries.

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